Taco Night!

When a man has a craving for tacos...there is no stopping him.  So I took it as a personal challenge to make them delicious, nutritious, and beautiful...and inexpensive since student loan debt hovers over me like a black cloud of doom.

End result: success on all counts. 

Ground beef. I got 97% lean on sale, but I'd get grass-fed if I had access.
An onion, diced.
Romaine lettuce "shells" - washed and dried. 

Fixins: bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, avocado, roasted green chiles (or a spicy pepper like jalapenos), and the secret ingredient...green pumpkin seeds!  Trust me. It's a texture wonderland.

In a big skillet brown the diced onion in olive oil. 
     *Remember - heat the pan first, then add oil and food together and stir, preventing sticking and damage to the oil from heat.
When the onions start to brown and become translucent, add the beef. Crumble the ground beef as it cooks until well browned. I add spices after so they don't mask the done-ness.
Spice to taste - I add to 1lb beef about 1tbsp garlic salt, 1tbsp chili powder, 2tsp paprika, 1/2tsp oregano, 1/2tsp thyme, 1/2 cayenne pepper. Delicioso.

In a separate pan, saute bell peppers with pepitas (pumpkin seeds) until the peppers are browned and the seeds are toasted. Spice with a pinch of salt.

Finally, you may either coarsely chop tomato and avocado and use strips of green chile as I did here, or mash the avocado with tomato and jalapenos to make a guacamole/salsa. Your choice :)

Assemble onto the lettuce shells: beef mix, chile strip, peppers and pepitas mix, avocado and tomatoes. Get messy and enjoy!!

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