Spiced Orange Date Balls

Little globes of spiced holiday joy! ...Can I entice you further?  I made these on a whim from an inspiration to use the delicious sun-ripened oranges I got as a thank-you for climbing my neighbor's orange tree to help her get them down before the frost. (Apparently Tucson has about three days of frost a year. Who knew?)

Anyway - please make these. Everyone will love them, and no will will ask where the flour, added sugar, etc are. Bonus - these are paleo and vegan! Perfect for any party.... aaand they freeze well! Seriously. My new favorite dessert/snack/powerfood/littlemorselofhappiness.

2c pitted dates (any variety)
3/4c shredded coconut, plus 1c for rolling
1c almond flour
1/4c chopped pecans
zest and juice from one small orange, or half a large (naval) orange
1/2 tsp allspice

Pulse everything in a food processor or heavy-duty blender (aka vitamix) until the consistency you like. I like leaving in a few coarse bits :)
Spoon out a little bit and roll in shredded coconut until its a ball-shape. I like little bite-size pieces myself....so I can eat more of them! Omnomnom ^_^

Happy Holidays!!!


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