Tropical Kale Sauté

Tired of boring greens? Or...need something else to do with the armloads you bring home from the CSA every week?? I did...seriously...so many greens.....

On that note - there have been some disturbing blog posts circulating the interwebs lately about greens and green smoothies being bad for health because of the high oxalate content and predisposition to kidney stones. Greens do have oxalate which can cause stones, but only in excess or dehydrated individuals! PLEASE do not decrease your consumption of greens out of fear. Drink water. Eat your greens in moderation. If you are existing solely on pulverized raw greens for 3 meals a day we may have a problem, but any self respecting Southern woman eats several cups of greens daily, cooked and raw, when the season is high and no harm's come of it. 

That said..on to the island sauté

3-4 cups roughly chopped greens- kale and collards work great
1 onion, chopped
1c chicken cooked or raw
1c pineapple chopped
1 avocado chopped
2tbsp coconut oil
1tsp ginger
salt and pepper to taste

Toss the greens into your hot skillet with 1 chopped onion. I learned a few years ago the best way to good greens is to grease them up first then to add the liquid - it's the ONLY way I cook greens now to preserve flavor and texture! So add 2tbsp coconut oil and toss over medium heat until the greens are bright and shiny, then add - bear with me here - pineapple chunks and chicken pieces (I used cooked leftovers- if raw just cook until done). Take off the heat, toss with ginger and a little salt and pepper, and add 1 chopped avocado to the hot mix. 
True to form - this is quick, easy, few ingredients, and it'll knock your boyfriend's socks off. 

Mmmmm tropical kale anyone??

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