Roast Beef Hash

In case you put a package of stew beef in the crockpot last night on low with a little olive oil and completely forgot about it until this morning, when you woke up to the smell of beef (maybe better than coffee...) This recipe is for you! Great for entertaining. No need to add anything to the beef, but seasoning and onion might be nice additions to the crockpot.


1 lb roast beef cooked and shredded (hot from the crockpot if cooked the night before)
1/2 -1 bag frozen turnips
Thyme, Salt, Pepper

Put the turnips in the skillet on high and stir often, when they begin to brown add the roast beef with all its liquid and fats. If there is not enough fat also add some olive oil. Cook them together with a few pinches of dried thyme, pepper and salt and viola!

Fresh, hot, delicious breakfast. I like mine with an egg over easy :)

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